Abnoos medical tourism company is a one of the authorized medical tourism companies in Khorasan-e-Razavi province. This company provides exclusive skin, hair and beauty clinics and builds necessary therapeutic infrastructures for all surgical and diagnostic specialties by using the capacity of the province’s hospitals and medical centers.

We think that our patients and their families or friends who accompany them, should be in a convenient situation. We believe that focusing on therapeutic process and resolving the other patient’s problems can accelerate their remission. So, the quality of our services which are offered to patients and people who accompany them is in a highest priority. Our company in respect of its ideal background in offering medical services to patients during the last years becomes a famous brand in medical tourism industry, especially among patients who are from neighboring countries. Abnoos medical tourism is ready to offer desirable services by using trained staff and taking advantage of the abilities of the best doctors in different surgical and diagnostic specialties and signing contracts with medical centers and specialty hospitals. The goals of our company to offer services are listed below:


Organizational Values

  • Respecting and paying attention to our patient
  • Truthfulness in offering services
  • Not imposing extra expenses on patients
  • Consulting appropriately
  • Following-up the patient’s situation after discharging from hospital
  • Sympathy and kindness
  • Commitment to moral and professional principles
  • Manpower development and using skilled human resource
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Being an appropriate respondent and answering as soon as possible


Goals of Abnoos medical tourism company

  • Offering medical services (therapeutic and diagnostic) which observed national and international standards
  • Offering modern medical services to patients and their families in a safe and calm environment by observing the moral and professional principles
  • Offering Hoteling and residential services in accordance to patient and his/her family’s desire
  • Offering desirable touristic services
  • Offering free half-day tours to patients and people who accompany them
  • Patient’s accompaniment in every moment till the end of therapy process