Dr Mahdi Taherpour

Personal Information:

Name: Mahdi Taherpour                

Qualification: Interventional cardiac electrophysiologist


University Education


۱-Medical doctor,Mashad university of medical sciences,1987-1995

۲-Cardiology speciality, Mashad university of medical sciences 1997-2001

۳-Interventional ectrophysiology and pacemaker subspeciality,Iran university of    medical sciences( Rajaee heart center), 2006-2008


Major professional services:

Interventional cardiac electrophysiologist, Razavi electrophysiology department, Mashad, Iran



۱٫Iranian heart society

۲٫European society of cardiology


Work Experience:

Subject Place Duration
Cardiologist 2001-2004 Hasheminejad hospital Mashad
Cardiologist 2004-2007 Razavi hospital Mashad
Interventional electrophysiology Fellowship 2007-2008


Cardiac electrophysiologist 2008-present

Rajaee heart center




Razavi Hospital








۱٫More than 450 cardiac device implantation

۲ .More than 700 abltion procedures including complex arrhythmias ( like AF and PVC-VT)

۳- Participation in multiple EP ( ablation and device implantation) workshop throughout the world


Conference Presentations:

۱ – International nuclear medicine congress, 2003 Mashad  
۲ – Iranian heart society congress 2009 Tehran Predictors of VT storms in ICD patients
۳ – International cardiology congress Turkey( Antalya) CRT panel
۴ – Pacing congress 2012 Rome Beta blockers in neurocardiogenic syncope
۵-International Razavi cardiology congress 2013 Mashad Renal denervation
۶-Internatinal Javadolaemeh                                  cardiology update congress Mashad ۲۰۰۸,۲۰۱۱ and 2013
۷- Iranian atherosclerosis society congress

۸-Iranian heart society congress                                               





۹- Multiple presentations in one-day EP symposiums





۱٫Electrocardiographic changes after dipyridamole infusion in patients undergoingmyocardial perfusion imaging.( Asia Oceania Journal of Nuclear medicine and Biology, Spring 2013)

۲٫ST-segment depression as a risk factor in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. (Europace2009)

۳٫Predictors of syncope in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.( pacing and clinical electrophysiology journal, 2009)