Free half-day tours

A gift from Abnoos medical tourism company to our patients and their families

Free half-day tours

Dear friends and fellows, Abnoos medical tourism company is proud to announce that according our service charter, we want to offer you the best and the most efficient medical and tourism services to create good memories. In order to create enjoyable times to you and your dear family, we hold total free half-day tours. 

Mashhad city has many different holy, touristic and sport places. You can know more about these places and make good memories by visiting them through our half-day tours. 

Apart from your therapeutic process and getting well and healthy which is possible by God willingness and mercy, we want to prepare other proper services for you.

Mashhad’s landmarks

Shandiz and Torghabeh, Zoshk, Noghondar, Chali dareh, Vakil Abad Park, Mellat Park, Akhlamaad fall and Kang, Zist khavar, Almas-e-Shargh, Proma, Royal center, Kian center, Reza Bazaar, Naderi garden, Water museum, Scince and Natural history museum of Mashhad, Grand museum of natural science of Khorasan, Gohar Shad mosque, Haftad-o- do tan mosque, Keramat mosque and Hosseinieh, Naser and Yaser Emamzadeh, Yahya ebne Zeid ebne Ali ebne alHossein Emamzadeh (Mayamey), Khajeh Abasalt tomb, Pir-e-Palandooz tomb,sheikh Nokhodoki tomb, Adobed dome, Green dome, Mellat amusement park, Vakil Abad park and zoo, Shadi mountain park, Ortokand falls, Nohdarreh jungle park, Besaat bazaar of Torghabeh, Farizi region, Water waves complex, Ordak dam, international fair of Mashhad, Kardeh dam, Golestan dam, Kohan dej-e-Toos, Haroonieh tomb, Khajeh Rabie, Shah Tahmaseb tomb, destruction museum, Paein khiaban Mosalla, Torogh dam.

Health, pilgrimage and fun in Mashhad

The big and beautiful Mashhad attracts millions of tourists every year because of holy shrine of Imam Reza (peace be upon him). This holy city is the host of our Iranian citizen and international tourists almost every day. In addition to pilgrimage, there are a lot of touristic places in and around of this city that we introduce them here.

Ferdowsi tomb

Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi’s tomb is located in a green garden which is 20 km away from Mashhad. It is in northern part of Mashhad. The architecture principle of current tomb is inspired by the Achaemeanid Empire architecture principles, especially Cyrus the Great’s tomb architecture. The outer of building is decorated by Achaemeanid elements, especially the stakes and capital of columns. The poems of Ferdowsi which are engraved on the four sides of tomb are the presenter of his thoughts and characteristic. The upper section of tomb is tubular and the inner space architectural is inspired by Parthian Empire and it’s made of 20 marmoreal columns in lower part and 8 columns in upper part. In some parts of tomb, you can see Freydoon Sedighi’s petrographies which are the narrators of some parts of Shahnameh.

Naderi tomb museum

Naderi museum is located in main memorial building of Nader Sah-e-Afshar tomb. There are two halls in this building to introduce the historical things. You can see the sculpture of Nader Shah, riding horse with some of his soldiers in the yard of building which is made by famous Iranian sculptor, Abolhasan Sedighi. 

Hall1: there are different kind of weapons from Afsharid dynasty, portrait of Nader and war’s scenes, riding equipment like saddle which are left from Afsharid to Qajar period, some manuscript of Tarikh-e-Jahangoshay-e-Naderi and two swords of Nader in this hall. On the one of this sword the Alsoltan Nader is craved and on the other one, there is a verse of poem is inlaid with gold. Iranian people bestowed this sword to Nader Shah on his coronation day in 1148 Hejri-e-Ghamari (Lunar year) in Dasht-e-Maghan.

Hall 2: This hall join to the complex in 1994 and you can see different coins, dishes and other bestowed things which are left from Safavid dynasty to the present day.

Pir-e-Palandooz tomb

Pir-e-Palandooz with the original name of Sheykh Mohammad Aref Karendehi is one of the gnostics of 10th century of Hijri. He is from KArendeh or Kardeh village which is located near Mashhad and he is famous to Palandooz because of his job (he was a pack-saddle maker= palandooz). He is very talented in Sols handwriting and some parts of a manuscript Quran which is wrote by him is left till today.

Emamzadeh Sayed Mohammad (adobe dome)

Historical-religious building of “Adobe dome” is located in one of old section of Mashhad, near Tabbarsi square in Chahar soogh-e-Noghan. This building is the tomb of “Soltan Ghias aldin Mohammad’, one of the Moosavi Sadat of Mashhad, whose his noble lineage by 17 intermediates returns to Imam Moosa Ibn-e- Jafaar (peace be upon him). This sentence engraved on his tombstone: Morteza, Azaam Soltan alnoghabaa, Ghias aldonya and aldin, Amir Soltan Mohammad ibn-e-Soltan alnoghabaa badr almaleh and ahdin Taher…’ and it continues with his death date on Ramadan almobaraak, 832 lunar year. 


Almas-e-Shargh is one of the biggest buildings in Mashhad. It is about 6500 meters in 5 floors. In addition to 1210 stores, other places like praying hall, Nations restaurant, food court, places for take a rest, emergency station, offices, banks, posts and special places for children, like amusement park.

There is a parking with 5 floors and 2700 meters infrastructures, next to Almas-e-Shargh.

Alton business complex and multi floor parking

Alton tower is one of the biggest and highest buildings in Iran which has different business-administrative offices. The highest multi floor parking of Iran is in this tower and it attracts every person –citizen, pilgrims and traveller- who pass the Daneshgah Street.

Reza Bazaar

This bazaar is located in eastern part of Imam Reza (peace be upon him) street and it is one of the most important shopping places for pilgrims. It is a two floors building and on the second floor you can see different handcraft studios like: gilt studios, turquoise craving studios and embroider studios.

Proma mall

Proma commercial complex is one of the biggest commercial buildings in Mashhad which has different business and amusement sections. It I located in Ferdowsi boulevard next to Janbaz square. It consists of supermarket, confectionary, clothes section, audiovisual equipment, kitchen quipment and handcrafts. 

Zist Khavar mall

Zist khavar is the first business tower in Mashhad and one of the biggest and most attractive malls in Iran and thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit this mall very day. The architecture principle of this mall is the combination of Iranian and European architecture and has beautiful roofs and tore. This mall is equipped with escalators and elevator for people and goods.

Jaghargh village 

Jaghargh village is 21 km away from Mashhad and 7 km away from Torghabeh. It is located in south-western of Mashhad and is restricted to Anbaran, Toraghdor, Kordineh, Taghare and Shandiz villages. Jaghargh has cold winter and mild summer and mild mountain weather at all. There are temporary residence and restaurants near river or like island I different parts of valley that in summer provide suitable place for enjoying the nature for nature lovers.

Paj Historical village

Paj village is located in northern of Mashhad in intersection of Kardeh to Kalat-e-Naderi road and 15 km away from Mashhad. According to historical and literary texts, the remaining part of this village is the born place of Hakim Abolghasem-e-Frdowsi. The current village is 800 hectares which 4 hectares of it is especial for residential purpose. A part of residential parts of village is in middle of it and the other houses are on a hill which is known as “High hill”. This place seems to be the main and core part of Paj village at past because there is a moat filled with water that surrounded this village which prevent from rushing of enemies to village. There is another hill 500 meters away from this hill which is famous as Ghaleh Kohaneh Paj. The colorful and glazing pottery which are scatter on the surface of this hill show the continuous civilization of Paj in first centuries of after Islam to 9th and 10th hijri centuries.

Haroonieh dome

The only building that is left from ancient Toos is a brick-made building which is famous as Haroonieh dome. In recent decades, this building has been rebuilt and repaired by the effort of national artwork and cultural legacy committee of Khorasan. It is also called Haroonieh prison by people. This building is made of a vast quadratic space with a dome on its top. It is 25 meters high and 12*12 meters area. In the closure part of this building, there are 3 rooms which are decorated by tore. The outer part decoration is limited to vertical frame and columns of two sides of entrance. 

Maghan cave

This cave has two entrances. The first one faces to north which is 6*2 m and the second one faces to east which is 12.5*3 m. The sunlight makes about 50 meters of the cave inner space alight. The entrance width is 19m in the beginning and its height is 4m at the entrance and 12m in the highest part. Water drops from the roof in some part of this cave. After surveying 110 meters of this cave, you can see a twine stalactite. There is a narrow pass with 4m width, 120 meters away from cave’s entrance. The second hall faces to west. The first hall with 246 meters length, 11 to 33 meters width and about 9 meters height has the biggest hall among other caves of province. The second hall is 29 meters length, 10 meters width and 7 meters height. After an uphill, there are two western and south-western holes with 19 meters length which both reach to third hall; although the south-west path is easier to reach. The length, width and height of the third hall are 12*7*6. There is a 5 meters stone and a right-handed minor path. You need to rope and the support of your friends to pass this place. The next part is the fourth hall. The length, width and height of the fourth hall are 23*8*6. 23 meters away, there is a parting of the ways which parts the way to eastern and western parts. The length of each of these paths is 17 meters. After that, there is a beautiful pond with 4*5 meters dimension and 20-40 cm depth. The water of this pond is potable. 

It takes 2-2.5 hours to survey the Maghan cave. To reach the cave’s entrance from village you need to spend 1.5 hours. it takes an hour to return to the village. You need suitable shoes and clothes, flash light, potable water and an experienced tour guide.

Torghabeh village

Torghabeh villagewith 1600 kilometers area is 15 km away from Mashhad and located at the western end of VakilAbad Boulevard. It extends along a very beautiful valley and its weather is cold and dry but it is fresh and brisk in summer. It’s rain fall is more than Mashhad city due to its rising sea level.

Address: this beautiful mountainous village is 18 km away from Mashhad and is located in south-west of Mashhad.


Shandiz is a village near Mashhad which has good weather. It is located in Torghabeh County and in path of Mashhad to Abardeh and Zoshk. It is 30 km away from west of Mashad and 13 km away from Torghabeh. It is one of an important touristic place for residents and travelers and pligrams because of its springs and gardens, green and fresh places, rivers, beautiful scenes, good weather, specially its handicrafts like different kinds of wooden and fur things and other souvenirs and other utilities like administrative and service units. Jungle Park is one of the landmarks of Shandiz. The garden products of Shandiz are: cherry, apricot, tomato, peach, plume, grape, berries, walnut and almond. Sarasib, Archang, Khader, downer and upper Abardeh and Zoshk are located along a valley and river.